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More visibility with Anti-reflection glass

In many shop windows, what you mainly see is a reflection of yourself and the surroundings behind you. This is naturally not the intention - the glass should offer a clear view of the items on display. This can now be realised with Macada Anti-reflection glass.


How does it work?

Macada Anti-reflection glass is a glass panel – available in different thicknesses and formats (see below) that is equipped with a special anti-reflecting coating. This coating reduces the natural light reflection of the glass to 0,8%. By comparison: the natural light reflection of normal float glass is 8%. The anti-reflecting coating is suited to interior and exterior applications and ensures that the glass has maximum transparency, now and in the future.


anti-reflectie glas



Macada Anti-reflection glass is ideal for large areas, such as shop windows and showrooms. But  in smaller sizes there are also many possible applications: displays in shops and health centres, display cabinets in museums, and even as a protective cover for LCD screens. The glass is often used when framing works of art.



Macada Anti-reflection glass is available as follows:

  • 4 mm, single-sided anti-reflection coating
  • 6 mm, single-sided anti-reflection coating
  • 6 mm, double-sided anti-reflection coating
  • 8 mm, single-sided anti-reflection coating
  • 8 mm, double-sided anti-reflection coating


Also available as laminated glass.


Maximum dimensions for anti-reflection coating: 2250 mm x 3210 mm.