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The way we work

Macada Innovision places great value on a good customer relationship. We achieve this through solid advice during the orientation phase, followed by prompt delivery as agreed, and finally, professional installation. Good after-sales service naturally goes without saying.



We offer trustworthy and professional advice when buying (parts of) projection systems: screens, mirrors, frames and accessories.


We provide advice concerning:


Giving advice in the showroom



With Macada Innovision, you are assured of professional assembly of the projection screen or projection system of your choice.


Manufacturing and placing projection screens and projection systems is a specialized business. From many years of experience, we know that it comes down to the details. Every part has to be carefully manufactured and assembled. Only then does the customer have a perfect product.


Perfection is what we aim for: we are only happy once you are happy. In that respect, every Macada product is made to measure.


Made to measure = a jigsaw puzzle. 


We keep working until all the pieces of the puzzle fit. In this way, every customer has a projection system that fits precisely, has been expertly designed, that works perfectly, and that has a housing in the desired colour made of the desired material.


Montage van de Macada interactieve overlay

Assembly of the Macada interactive overlay


After-sales service

A few weeks after purchase and installation we give you a call. How do you like the new product? Does it meet your expectations? Of course, we like to hear positive or enthusiastic reactions. But we also want to know if you are less than satisfied. That’s when we take action. Together, we'll find out what the problem is. And if we know what the cause is, we won’t stop until we have found a solution.


After sales