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Silver mirrors

Macada's silver mirrors are particularly suitable for interior use, in both functional as well as decorative applications. Mirrors as wall decoration in business environments, for example, but also as an attractive component of modern and antique furniture. The mirrors are also suitable for use in interior environments that are usually damp, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The silver mirrors are also available in a safety version, i.e. with SAFE+ safety foil on the back face of the glass. In this way, safety is guaranteed, satisfying the EN12600 standard.

The glass is easily cleaned and exceptionally resistant to corrosive cleaning products.


Details of the production process

The production of the silver mirrors involves the use of copper-free metal coatings and lead-free paint, whereby these possess a very high level of corrosion resistance. The glass used for the silver mirrors has a very low emission of volatile substances and formaldehyde.

The production process of the silver mirrors has the Silver rating of the international certification institute Cradle to Cradle.


Maximum dimensions

  • 3210 mm x 2500 mm
  • glass thicknesses: 2, 3, 4 and 6 mm


Standard finishing: blunt-ground edges and corners using a belt sander.

If desired, and at extra cost, edge polishing can also be done. This is only possible for silver mirrors of at least 4 mm thickness.


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