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We say we are good at what we do, but do our customers say the same thing?


“We work with Macada Innovision because this company always delivers high quality and is very flexible in its service. They think and work together with the client. A projection screen custom- made by them is really made-to-measure - it fits perfectly .”
JP Filbry – director/owner Facility Partners

“Delivery, placing and assembly of the eight digiboards for our new building proceeded exactly as we have come to expect from Macada Innovision: at the time of delivery, everything was just right.”
Jan Steenhoek – Gymnasium Felisenum

“I am very pleased with the way Macada Innovision carried out a project for Genesys. I particularly appreciated the effort Macada made to carry out the extra work, their level of service, and the way in which they communicated.”
Rogier van der Maas, field marketing manager for Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories

“Macada Innovision works quickly and well. The short lines of communication are pleasant. Technical solutions are carried out perfectly, everything is thought of, as customer you don't have to worry about a thing. That's particularly important for the smaller museums, because you don't usually have in-house expertise. You have to rely on a contact, and if that works out well, as in this case, then that's really great.”​​​​​​​
Frank Rietdijk, chef de bureau, Museum de Zwarte Tulp in Lisse

“We really want to thank you for the collaboration in realising our project Floriade Venlo 2012: Innovatoren - Limburg Pavilion.
Partly because of your advice, efforts, speed and thoroughness, we were able to complete the Limburg Pavilion on time and to everyone's satisfaction. With the compliments of the Province of Limburg and all the attendant guests.”​​​​​​​

Jaap Gubbels, purchaser Lagotronics Projects BV, Venlo

“AVisie Boardroom Facilities B.V. is proud of the cooperation with Macada Innovision B.V. Over the past years we have been able to experience on various occasions that agreements have been honoured with full commitment to quality and professionalism. The end result is satisfaction on the part of our joint customers.”​​​​​​​
Dries Kaspers, AVisie B.V., Barneveld

“Macada Innovision is a trusted partner for us. We are regularly confronted with special requests for, or questions about, image projection for a funeral. Macada always provides the right solution.”​​​​​​​
Alice Loeters, Persoonlijke Uitvaartzorg, Driehuis