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Capacitive touchscreen foil

For multi touch


Macada Visual Revolution multi touchscreen foil is the perfect product for capacitive, interactive window presentations.


The lightweight touchscreen foil can be applied directly to a projection screen or window. When equipped with touchscreen foil, a screen or (shop)window becomes an interactive touchscreen.


Touchscreen foil on the shop window

When applied to a shop window, the interactive touchscreen can be operated by any interested passer-by using their hand and even through the glass. The wiring in the touchscreen foil responds to a touch of the window. In this way, the passer-by is able to ‘browse' through the housing presentation  of an estate agent for example, or the special offers of the supermarket, also outside opening hours. Because the touchscreen foil is attached to the inside of the window, and the system has no external components, the installation is always protected from vandalism.


Touchscreen folie


The advantages of Visual Revolution touchscreen foil

  • Lightweight material, easily applied to windows and glass projection screens (only non-metallic materials)
  • Interactive operation using the hand, even with gloves
  • Compatible with all multimedia applications: PowerPoint, Macromedia flash, websites etc.
  • No external components (wires or equipment) required for touchscreen functionality
  • Performance of the foil is not affected by external conditions


Usage specifications:

  • Maximum glass thickness: single-pane glass up to 10 mm (does not work on double-pane or coated glass)
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and higher, Linux, Mac and Android
  • For projection purposes can be combined with Visual Revolution projection foil
  • Available as horizontal and vertical foil (side model/portrait and base model/landscape) 

Different types of Visual Revolution capacitive touchscreen foil

The Visual Revolution capacitive touchscreen foil is available in four different types:

  • XTM 10.1" t/m 32”  - 12 touchpoints
  • XTA 42” t/m 65"  - 20 touchpoints
  • XTB 55” t/m 86”  - 40 touchpoints
  • XTC 86” t/m 200”  - 40 touchpoints


The following applies to all types:

  • Driver free
  • Suitable for both LCD and projection screens



A sample of the many possibilities:
Shop windows – shop displays – point-of-sale displays (POS) – glass (dividing)walls – information counters – exhibitions – trade fairs – events – presentations – and many more.