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Display Screen Mirrors

Is it a display screen? Is it a TV? Is it a mirror? 

The Macada Display Screen Mirror transforms any screen - yes, even your TV at home - into a beautiful and decorative mirror.


How does it work?

The Display Screen Mirror consists of a transparent glass plate with a highly reflective mirror coating, and is placed in front of the screen. When the screen is switched to ‘standby/off’, the coating provides a mirror-like effect; when the screen is switched on, the image is visible through the glass.







  • Home: when the TV in the living room, home office, bedroom or bathroom is switched off
  • Office: when the display screens in meeting rooms and waiting areas are (temporarily) dark
  • Shops: monitors that act as mirrors in the sales area as well as in the fitting rooms
  • Catering: in hotels, bars, restaurants
  • Beauty: wellness centres, saunas, hairdressers


Special details

The standard Macada Display Screen Mirror is manufactured without a frame. As such, it fits in every interior.


The Macada Display Screen Mirror can be fitted with Visual Revolution touchscreen foil. With this, when the screen is switched on, it becomes an interactive touchscreen.


Macada Display Screen Mirror production

The Macada Display Screen Mirror is a high-quality product that is always custom-made.

Clients – companies as well as private individuals – indicate the type of display for which the mirror is intended: TV, monitor or other display (LED, LCD or plasma), make, type, dimensions. With this information we can cut the mirror to the correct size and finish it with a poly ground edge.

The Macada Display Screen Mirror is carefully packed and safely delivered to you. It goes without saying that, if requested, we can also carry out the installation and mounting. If desired, this can be extended to the installation of a complete Macada Display Screen Mirror system: monitor/display of choice + projector + Macada Display Screen Mirror.

Given the made-to-measure nature of our production process, the prices of all Macada Display Screen Mirrors and mirror systems are available on request.


Technical parameters of Macada Display Screen Mirrors

Glass thickness                                          - 6 mm
Light transmission                                      - 22%
Reflectivity coefficient of mirror coating      - 66%
Reflectivity coefficient of glass substrate    - 57%


An alternative

Transparent mirror foil is a cheaper alternative for Display Screen Mirrors, and is also available from Macada Innovision. This highly reflecting mirror foil is mounted on a glass panel and placed in front of a display screen. Also in this case, when the display screen is in ‘standby/off’, the foil ensures a mirror-like effect; when the display screen is ‘on’, the image is visible through the glass as usual.


Ask about our prices for this option.