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Projection foil: Visual Revolution

Foil can work well as a projection screen. For example, the projection foil can be installed under tension in a frame, or adhered to a substrate of glass.


An advantage of projection foil is that the product can be placed anywhere. The attention value is also high, because a greater light intensity can be used. As a result, the projection foil attracts even more attention than LCD and LED screens. This makes projection foil ideal for window presentations.

Macada Innovision supplies different types of projection foil under the name Visual Revolution, for use as a projection screen: 

  • High contrast rear projection foil
  • Matt white front projection foil
  • Transparent rear projection foil
  • Ultra black rear projection foil
  • White projection foil, for front and rear screen projection
  • Pepper’s ghost foil
  • Touchscreen foil


The Visual Revolution projection foil is suitable for front and rear screen projection; the touchscreen version is suitable for (interactive) touchscreen projection.