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Buying a projection screen

Buying a projection screen

Fortunately, it’s not at all necessary to familiarise yourself with screen technologies before buying a projection screen. Whether it’s about buying a rear projection screen or an interactive projection screen, a company like Macada Innovision provides advice and guides your purchase, and ensures that in the end the audio-visual presentation will be perfect.

When buying a projection screen, you only need to answer three questions up front. Where will the screen be positioned? What do I want to use the screen for?  Approximately how much do I want to spend? With the answers to these questions, we can get to work for you. If it turns out that your wishes match one of our standard projection screens, then the order is quickly placed and delivered. For a made-to-measure screen, in most cases we will come to take measurements in order to evaluate how various screens would perform in your situation. Based on this, we provide you with a quotation including our advice. This then allows you to make an informed choice and to buy the most suitable screen.

You can buy a projection screen at Macada Innovsion

The end result of the screen – how good is the image? – is determined by the quality of the screen and the circumstances under which the projection occurs. Most important, however, is the human perception, your perception. That’s why we call you a few weeks after the purchase and installation to ask: are you satisfied with the new product? Because we are only happy once you are.
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